Why am I a pet sitter?


In 1998, after 12 years in the corporate world, my soul was searching for something meaningful but I wasn’t sure exactly where that would lead me. I had always had a dog in my life and understood how important they were in their owner’s lives and the therapy they could provide in hospital, school and nursing home environments.

I had come across the option of pet sitting when we required in home care for our two dogs while traveling to Florida. Kennels were not an option for our guys and we had stumbled across a pet sitter through a mutual friend and decided to try it out. Once I became familiar with the service and what she provided, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew the peace of mind that she had given us knowing that our animals were in their own familiar home environment and a professional was caring for them and our home. I knew right then that this was what I wanted to provide for others. That day, Bow Wow Buddies was born.

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